In this Story Marissa Meyer puts a great twist on the classic Cinderella story. Soon after World War 4 in New Beijing there is a teenager named Cinder whose stepsisters and aunt treat her badly because she is a cyborg and a mechanic. One day while in her mechanic shop she is surprised to meet Prince Kai of New Beijing, That is when everything changes and she is taken in for testing to find a cure to letumosis a disease brought by the lunar people.

I Really enjoyed this book, it has tons of detail, and jumps out with new twists at the most unexpected times. The plot is very well thought through and even while you learn about Cinder she is learning about herself at the same time then when you’re just about to put the book down a new problem/event happens and YOU CANT PUT IT DOWN!!!

My Dayne Rating is 9 out of 10




Jinx is a young boy who lives in the Urwald. His cruel uncle led him into the forest and left him to die. A wizard called Simon Magus saves him, takes him home and uses him to help him in his work (cleaning etc…)          while living with simon jinx feels more free. He can  wander the Urwald as he pleases, the more he discovers the more he tends to wander off the path. In the Urwald a little fear is healthy, for magic,people, and magicians.

I loved this book, it flowed pretty easily though some parts were vague and boring. All the important parts of the story seemed very well thought out overall Some parts could use a bit more detail but this book was not a terrible book. In fact, it is a great book except for my few problems with detail

My Dayne rating is: 8 of 10 Stars